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Fogex High-Pressure Water Mist Approvals

IMO MSC/Circ 668/728

Fogex has been fire tested in accordance with IMO MSC/Circ 668/728 for machinery spaces, engine rooms and cargo pump rooms and has passed all prescribed tests in above test protocol.

Fogex has been tested in accordance with the Factory Mutual Research Corporation test protocols for Machinery spaces, combustion and gas turbines, Industrial hazards on land in spaces exceeding 260 cu. metres.

Fogex has also been tested in accordance with IMO Guidelines for Local Application systems as per IMO MSC/Circ. 913 and has passed all prescribed tests.

All above testing has been conducted in the presence of the following witnessing/ approving authorities:

1. Lloyd's Register of Shipping
2. American Bureau of Shipping
3. Bureau Veritas
4. Det Norske Veritas
5. Factory Mutual Research Corporation (USA).
6. Finnish Maritime Directorate

The following Approvals are available for inspection:
Lloyd's Register SAS F030488
Lloyd's Register SAS F030489
Bureau Veritas 12081/Al BV
Det Norske Veritas F-i 7433
Det Norske Veritas F-i 7434
Det Norske Veritas MED-B-2125
Det Norske Veritas MED-B-2126
Det Norske Veritas MED-D-431
Det Norske Veritas MED-D-432
American Bureau of Shipping 03-5G330818-PDA
American Bureau of Shipping 03-5G330848-PDA
All testing has been done at VTT Fire & Research Laboratories in Finland. The VTT fire test reports are available as proof.
Test Report RTE 2720/00
Test Report RTE 1295/02
Test Report RTE 1132/00

Electric Transformer
FMRC is also considering issuing an approval for Fogex for Electric Transformers and electrical rooms based on above witnessed testing. Taiwan Power Authorities have approved MISTEX low/medium pressure system for transformer protection.

The Fogex nozzles have also passed the stringent environmental tests conducted by Factory Mutual Research Corporation in the USA; ref. FM Approvals 3007879

London Underground
Chiltern International Fire conducted tests in accordance with London Underground specific requirements for escalator protection. FOGEX actually surpassed all tests rapidly controlling and extinguishing the fire; ref. Chiltern Fire FEEIFO3O35

Life Safety
FOGEX has been shown to rapidly remove heat and toxins, including carbon monoxide and hydrochloric acid, providing a level of enhanced safety for normally occupied areas that cannot be readily evacuated in case of fire.

Overseas Authorities
Singapore Civil Defence has approved Fogex for use and installation in Singapore.
Hong Kong Fire Service Department has approved Fogex for use and installation in
Hong Kong. Civil Defence Authority of UAE are currently progressing the approvals
for Fogex for use and installation in United Arab Emirates.

Video Clips of Water Mist Tests

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Video clips of Fogex approvals tests

Description (click to view video)
File size
F20 & F27 nozzles extinguish with small amount of water
Pressurised diesel spray fire quickly extinguished with 4 nozzles
4m2 heptane pool fire with wooden crib extinguised with 6 nozzles
F11 nozzles 11m above floor extinguish 6 megawatt diesel fire
F11 nozzles 11m above floor extinguish 1 megawatt diesel fire
Video clips of Mistex approvals tests

Diesel pool fire
Diesel pool 'bilge' fire
Double layer fire
150 bar pressure heptane fire
MISTEX Approvals
  • MSA Sur 222 (Rev 4/94) dated 12th December 1995
  • MSA Sur 222 (Rev 4/94) dated 12th March 1996
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority Ship & Personnel Safety Services
    - Biar Berjaya 10th May 1994
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Water Mist dated 28th June 1994
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority dated 16th February 1996
  • Australia Design Awards dated 21st October 1993
  • CSIRO Australia, FC)-1354, 28th May 1997
  • Department of Environmental Protection, Western Australia dated 7th May 1996
  • DNV - mistex.sta, dated 1st August 1995
  • Queensland Transport dated 22nd September 1995
  • Direktoratet for brann - og eksplosjonsvern dated 27th August 1996
  • Maritime Safety Authority, New Zealand dated 7th October 1993
  • Department of Marine & harbours, Western Australia dated 3 September 1993
  • SINTEF Energy, Norway dated 30th June 1997
  • Department of Transport, South Australia dated 30th November 1995
  • Jabatan Bomba, AK/WMFSS/92/97 dated 24th January 1998